Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Lost and Found

Ever find money in a pair of pants or a coat pocket? Awesome feeling right?

I found something even cooler. I put on a jacket I hadn't worn for a while and inside one of the pockets was a folded up piece of paper. After reading its contents, I was able to remember writing this weird little snippet in my daughters notebook and then ripping it out and putting it in my pocket so no one else would find it. I don't really remember what sparked this or where I was going with it, but I vaguely recall thinking it stunk, which is probably why I didn't continue it. Anyway, I thought I'd share, in it's completely unedited version, this short little piece of fiction from days gone by.


A lady knows how to get what she wants. A gentlemen knows how to give it to her. The words didn't stray far from the girls scarlet lips as she repeated them continuously, pacing under the lattice work of limbs from the tree. Shiny curls bounced against porcelain cheeks as the long grass flattened beneath chunky heels.

"Even the greatest fool would have seen the choice was clearly carrot cake," she sputtered, subconsciously smoothing her blouse. A crystalline tear caught the hazy sunlight as she stopped and stared imploringly at the trunk of the tree. "How could he do that to me?" she wondered aloud. "I mean, cheesecake?" Her arms folded across an ample bosom as a betrayed bottom lip spilled outward.

The sun grazed the distant fields as she continued her dignified pout. Then, resolutely she pulled out a slim pocketknife, hilt in ivory, and carved a precise line next to others on the trunk and stomped off, determined the number 33 was the gentlemen she was after.


Vesper said...

It's nice finding something like this in a forgotten pocket! :-)
A cute little piece! :-)

Church Lady said...

I agree!
Was this part of a WIP?

Hoodie said...

I can't even remember what this was.

Anonymous said...

that is better than finding money (not that i remember what that is like). this is definitely a good start of a short story or a good first draft of some flash fiction.

Anonymous said...

What a great ending!

I thought that was a clever little snippet.

sexy said...
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