Friday, January 18, 2008

The Answer!

I asked you all to guess which of the five pictures in the post below was me.

Here were the voting results:

#1 - 1 vote

#2 - 0 votes (what, nobody thinks I'm a veterinarian?)

#3 - 2 votes

#4 - 3 votes

#5 - 2 votes

I found all these pictures by googling my first name. The four that aren't me I've never met.

So, I'm not as old as the lady in the first picture, though when I am I hope to look that good. She doesn't really look old at all, but she is clearly older than me.

You all are right than I'm not a veterinarian or a vet's assistant.

I'm not blonde, although I've dyed my hair so many times I'm not sure what the exact shade of my natural color is. A mousy brown, methinks.

And lastly, I don't wear heavy eye makeup and regrettably find myself achingly far from any beaches. Though that girl's blonde streak is similar to something I'm sporting right now.

Yes, I am indeed number 4. Part of me regrets revealing what I look like, dashing the mystery I was becoming comfortable in. But I know how much I like knowing others and felt it was time to offer a little more of myself to my limited, yet oh-so-loyal, readers.
Y'all are my friends.
And friends should know each other.

This photo was taken at my husband's company Christmas party where I was named reigning karaoke queen and my husband and I were dubbed best dance couple. It was a good night.


The Quoibler said...

You are so lovely! It's nice to know who's sporting the blog-o-hoodie! :)

Thanks for the big reveal... it was loads of fun. And now if you ever run into me in a busy airport, we'll stop and say:



Church Lady said...

Oh I missed this!! My bad--Damn!

LOL "Under the Hood" Love it!!!

But I'm disappointed you're not in a hoodie. heh heh!!

I'm glad you're back to blogging. Your posts make me laugh.


Absolute Vanilla (& Atyllah) said...

What a lovely, friendly face! Now that's what I like - I come to pay a reciprocal visit and get to see what you look like! That is very welcoming :-)

SzélsőFa said...

I'm glad you're number 4.
That person is the most natural and loveable person among the five.
I'm glad to know you now by your face as well.

Hoodie said...

Angelique - *blush* Thank you for the compliment. I've run mental scenarios of running into blog-friends at airports, too. Huh.

CL - I actually wanted to post a pic of me in a hoodie, but I knew I couldn't for the voting. That might have tipped a few people off. I thought about it for the results post, but truth be told when I'm in a hoodie I'm usually grubbin' it, and I just didn't want you to see me like that.

Absolute Vanilla - Thanks for stopping over! I've actually been lurking on your blog for a while.

Szelsofa - What a great compliment. Thanks.

Beth said...

DAng! That was honestly my first guess, but I thought, no, she's blonde, she has to be blonde. Stupid Beth!

Hoodie said...

Beth - "She has to be blonde." What are you sayin'? :)

Aine said...

I agree with Szelsofa-- I had the same thought when I saw the choices.

And, to be honest, I thought #4 looked familiar. Jason reminded me that I have seen your face before (as part of the Heaven's Gate crowd, of course.)

SzélsőFa said...

Aine :)))

Vesper said...

It's very, very, very nice seeing you, Hoodie! And you're very lovely. I wonder if I'll ever have your courage... :-)

Hoodie said...

I'm glad to see I meet the standards of approval. ")

Thanks for playing, everybody.

sexy said...
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