Thursday, November 15, 2007


I'm writing this post just to prove I'm still alive (barely). Bear with me; things will pick up later. NaNoWriMo progress is all but nonexistent because I've just been busy busy busy.

I was able to get my entry into Jason's contest in under the wire (#44) even though I had to stay up through the night to find time to write it.

Health update: I had an EKG done and there is a slight abnormality in my left ventricle(?). Why did I have an EKG? Because my doctor was concerned about my abnormally high heart rate, resting and otherwise. Anyway, he says the most probable reason I'm not losing weight is because I'm working out TOO HARD! Im burning carbs instead of fat, which leaves me starving so I'm eating more too. Who'd have thought? The guys on the exercise videos, on Oprah, in the magazines say that you should always push yourself. Pushing myself generally keeps my heartrate in the high 170s and low 180s. Turns out I need to be in the low 150s or lower to be in the fat burning zone. At the gym today I watched my heartrate closely. Averaging about 156 I felt like I was barely moving. In 45 minutes I hadn't even really begun to sweat. Anyway, my doctor wants to do a heart ultrasound, which involves doing a resting heartrate ultrasound, then putting me on a treadmill at a sprint and then doing another ultrasound. If indeed the muscle around the left side of my heart is abnormally large I may need to take medication. I'm not sure. It's nothing to be worried about, that I know. Just a possible explanation for things I've always wondered about.

Anyway, Kudos to all of you who entered Jason's contest. I was honestly being as objective as possible, yet Szelsofa, Angelique and Beth all managed one of my votes. You blew me away, ladies! I have talented buddies. I wasn't even paying attention to who wrote them when I decided favorites. Aside from the five I voted for, there were four others that I wish I could have.

We're visiting family for Thanksgiving, so if I don't post, HAVE A GREAT HOLIDAY, Y'ALL!

And P.S. to those of you who commented about exercising at home. Sounds great, but my kids don't let me do it much. I actually do it whenever possible, but it's not a feasible solution for all my exercise needs.


SzélsőFa said...

I've never heard of over-exposing one to aerobics and the like being fattening! Oh, my? That is STRANGE.
I hope all those treadmill studies turn out fine; i.e. you will know what you will have to to do feel allright again.

Re: Jason's contest: I was delighted to read so many good and intelligent entries, too.
I'm so gald that you liked mine :)

Re: doing aerobics at home. I don't know how old your kids are, but I have started doing exercises when the oldest one was in my tummy, and continued eversince.
My kids, now 11 and 7.5, think it's 'mommy-time' and is part of a daily routine.
With younger kids that must be difficult I agree.
Perhaps you can ask for help from your husband or girlfriend. Like taking them for a walk? Shopping while you do the situps? Or just be them AT HOME to get them accustomed to your not watching them carefully for a 20 minutes? You can even do the exercises in their own room while they are engaged in some game, I don't know. We don't have separate rooms for kids, we share our rooms, and I am aware that they are exposed to some sweat and floppy tummy, and buttocks, but after all, that's their mother, not some zombie.
Time should be gradually increased as they grow up and grow up to survive this 'Mommy time', but again, if kids are very young, and are especially demanding on you, this may border impossible.

The Quoibler said...


I'm so flattered! I actually haven't picked my top 5 yet... guess I have to do that soon.

I love seeing which entries top the readers choice awards and which ones tickle Jason's fancy. Isn't it interesting how we all have differing criteria (or needs) when it comes to the type of writing we enjoy?

In any case, thank you again so much! :)

Your blog buddy,


strugglingwriter said...

I hope you get your health issues under control. I'm sure what was a little bit scary.

I'm impressed you have time to read all the entries in the contest and still do NaNoWriMo.

Church Lady said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!

(That was very interesting about the fat-burning. I never would have known...)

Your entry in Jason's contest was fabulous!!

Jaye Wells said...

Isn't Jason's contest great? I was surprised at how many entries he got given so many people are doing Nano right now. Lots of good ones this time, though.

briliantdonkey said...

I didnt get to enter his contest this time. A story for that picture just wasn't talking to me at all. Glad to see you managed to get in though. I have read a few of the first ones that were submitted though and can tell from them that it will be another good one. Looking forward to seeing yours.


Beth said...

Hey, you! Well, I've never heard of that either. I thought anything over 20 minutes burns fat, period. Hmmm ...

The contest is over. I really think you deserved a win. I'm not saying this to just say it, I voted for you, and I really loved your story.

Vesper said...

About exercise, what I heard is that running will not help you loose weight as much as exercises for muscles.

Your entry in Jason's contest was very nice. Some very strong images and descriptions in there. Intriguing. The meaning of the story is left to interpretation (at least for me). Well done!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Beth said...

Muscle burns fat, but cardio burns fat as well. The more muscle you have, the more fat you burn, but you need cardio to strengthen the heart, lungs, etc. Cardiovascular exercise = cardiovascular strength. I heard when your heart rate is too high, you burn glycemia (muscle fuel) and not fat. This might be what's happening to you. This is why body builders don't do cardio and aren't particularly healthy. I used to be a body builder. Oh, to have that body back again. Haha.

How you doing lately? Found anything else out?

SzélsőFa said...

Are you all right?
How did NaNo go?

SzélsőFa said...

Hoodie, If you are alive *just kidding* The Take a Close Look contest, with 10 rounds of macro shots has ended and you might come and collect your virtual award!!! You've been given one !!!

Jaye Wells said...

Come check out my blog today. There's something waiting for you.

Church Lady said...

People are looking for you, Hoodie. Stop all that fat-burning exercise and put your butt back in the blogger's seat.