Monday, April 6, 2009

Aw, now you're just hurting my feelings.

It's only 250 words, friends.

I retract my minimum of 15 entries. I'll settle for one or two. Your chances of winning are really high. :)


K.Lawson Gilbert said...

I will have something to you by Thursday - I am in, but I will be just under the wire. lol.....iamsbusyatschoolgetting
readyforspringbreak..... ;( and ;)

It's a great idea and I am all for it. Thanks, Hoodie!

Hoodie said...

You hear that, Everybody? K.'s getting the book unless you give her some competition!

Thanks K, for the support. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm still gonna try! I'm not very interesting though, so I don't know how good a memoir will be from me.

Hoodie said...

I don't believe for one second that nothing interesting has ever happened to you.

And, even seemingly uninteresting things can become so when written.

Vesper said...

Hoodie, I meant to come here earlier and apologise but time just wouldn't allow me to do it.

I'm so sorry! I just couldn't write this piece. I can't write about myself. Fiction, anytime...