Monday, November 3, 2008

Kickin' It at the Kick Off

One of my children's favorite DVDs is about a boy who is saving all of his money for weeks to buy new computer chips for his fighter robot. The more chips, the more power. He goes to the store to stare longingly at the display window, dragging his best friend along. His friend protests the pointless trips as he is not nearly so enamored with the robot games. The boy wanting the new chips pleads with his friend in a Vader-ish voice, "Come now, give in to the dork side."

This is kind of how I felt this past weekend. The NaNoWriMo kick off party in my area was so close to my house I felt guilty about the thought of not attending. Plus there was going to be pizza. When I pictured the types of people who might be there I wasn't really envisioning other people "like me." I let my mental picture be completely stereotypical. I won't tell you what I was picturing, but I will tell you that I went and found that my stereotype was almost completely correct. But you know what? I just went along with it and gave into my own dork side. I had a pretty good time. I didn't meet any lifelong friends, but it was fun to feel a part of something. And I won a door prize. Probably the best thing I took from it was how everyone really really had low expectations of what they could churn out in a month and it was OKAY. That was what stopped me cold last year. I couldn't believe how crappy it was. But this year I'm wading through the crap and just enjoying myself. Low and behold, I'm almost 5k into it on the third day.

I just might do it!


Anonymous said...

Go, Hoodie, go!!

I'm pulling for you. :)

Michelle said...

Good for you! Keep it up. :)

Sarah Hina said...

Go for it, Hoodie!

Sometimes, those expectations are what kill us. If we can be free enough to let ourselves write crap, then we'll only surprise ourselves.

I hope you're still going strong! I know the pregnancy must make it so hard.

Beth said...

You can do it, Hoodie! I honestly can't imagine ANYTHING you write actually sucking.

And good for you for getting up and going to the event!