Monday, September 29, 2008

Corner Rounder

I've got myself a tool
In my little box for crafts
It takes the ugly points
Off paperscraps and photographs
For on the page and in your art
It's roundness that you want
With polka dots and curlyQs
And softly scripted font
The curves and waves and rounded lace
Are beautiful to see
So why do I feel so ugly
Now someone's corner rounded me!


Aine said...

Delightful poem! This should be included in some book on motherhood. :)

I hope you are doing well. Your curves look beautiful, btw!

Sarah Hina said...

How great to see a pic! And the poem is delightful.

That's the best kind of curve, I think. Of course, I remember feeling differently about it at one (or two) time. ;)

Minx said...

Nothing sexier than a woman with her corners nicely rounded!

Beth said...

I think you look beautiful as well. I'm one of those women who look at pregnant women and go ga ga over how gorgeous they are.

Super poem as well! What a miracle to carry life. Cherish it.