Friday, March 7, 2008

Pack It Up

Well, first I'm thrilled to have landed fifth place in Jason's recent contest. What a confidence booster.

Now the real fun begins. Today is packing day. I'm surrounded by mounds of boxes, moving supplies and piles of stuff that leave me wondering, "what the heck do I do with this?"

So, until I've found myself another house (we'll be living with family for a couple of weeks) I don't really plan on posting. I will have computer access, so I'll try to visit y'all. But consider me officially on hiatus.

So I leave you with a question to fill your days with ponderings until our next contact:

What do you consider your best training for writing? Where have you honed your skills? School? Critique groups? I want to know what has had the biggest impact on your learning to write. Feel free to expound liberally.


SzélsőFa said...

Let me express my congratulations for you here as well! Your piece was a lovely one.

I recall the time we moved. We practically lived among boxes for a couple of months. Blah. I hope you manage to do better!!

Writing groups, this virtual one in particular helps me a lot. Supportive and honest comments are helpful.

The Quoibler said...


So where will you be "landing"? East coast? West coast? Midwest?

I still have a fantasy that all of us bloggers should have periodic conventions to actually have the opportunity to kvetch w/each other in person!

As for me, the best experience I have had as a writer is being an active reader.


Beth said...

Oh, moving, the exhausting task of just wanting to find a place to rest. I hope you all get settled quickly. One thing I love about moving is purging. It's the time to ask yourself, "Do I REALLY need that?" I think that's the only thing I like about it. lol

Angelique took my answer on writing. No fair! OK, I'll say "sexually active reader." =D

Vesper said...

Congratulations for the win in Jason's contest. Yours was indeed a very good piece! :-)

I think I've learned a lot from these contests and from the constructive criticism of fellow bloggers.

Good luck with finding a new house!

Beth said...

Hey, "Pack it Up..." are you a White STripes fan? I think you are because you mentioned wanting to see them and I said I had. Wait, maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I just miss you. **sniff**