Thursday, September 20, 2007

Vocabulary Word of the Day

FASTIDIOUS - adj. - Possessing or displaying meticulous attention to detail.


Minx said...

The very word elicits fussiness, and almost has to be said through pursed lips.

wordtryst said...

Hi, hoodie! Thank you for dropping by my blog!

I love your blog name - very clever. I've only just begun reading your posts, and already I'm liking the word of the day. I love words! Every time I come upon a new, interesting one, I add it to my list of 'fun words'.

I, too, just want to write. I also want to get paid for it. Much harder! :)

Beth said...

I like this word. Go figure.

I just read your post below and I have extremely vivid dreams at times. Sometimes sexual, sometimes great adventure. When my dreams are bland, then I wonder what exactly is wrong with me.

I'm an insomniac, so I believe my lack of sleep has something to do with it.

Hoodie said...

Minx - I say it well, but unfortunately it's not a natural trait of mine.

Wordtryst - Welcome! Thanks for coming by. I am not yet to the point of hoping to get paid for writing. I'm still working on the courage to put everything on paper.

Beth - We sound like we've got some things in common. I'm an insomniac too.